Thursday, July 13, 2006

Stinking communism

"We are moving toward a new world, the world of communism..." M. Gorbachyov, 1987.
Today, while walking thru Bucharest downtown I was a witness of a situation which made me think of communism era.
At a traffic light, a man with a foreign accent started yeling:" Helloooo! Do you miss communism? Ceausescu? Do you miss him? Do you love Fidel Castro? Do you love communism? Do you want communism to return?Hellooo...". Need to mention that this man had a cuban look and was adressing to 3 young man( one of them had a t-shirt with Fidel Castro(!). The funny part was that all of these young man were not Romanian and had no ideea what's going on.Later I got to talk to them.
It looks like today communism stuff looks cool: we use it on clothing, on TV ads and newspaper.It looks like today many of us already forgot the smell of old era. All the places where communism was are under construction, are left behind. Even some new sky scrapers are built the mentality and sistem is still there. Today I wandered: Do I miss communism? Do we miss communism...stinking communism? Hopefully not.


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