Friday, July 14, 2006

People's greatest need

"The deepest need of human nature is desire to be apreciated..." W.James
For years many wise people spoke and wrote about human relationships.The main thing is: treat every person in the way you would like to be treated. Sounds easy.
Show respect, smile, be patient, be kind and nice, no cursing etc.
Recently couple of my Romanian friends who immigrated 2 years ago to another continent came back for a visit.They mentioned 2 things that bothered them while visiting Romania: 1. A lot of smoking; 2.Plenty of rude/impolite people (stepping on toes, cursing, etc).Words such as "Thank you" and "Sorry" are not very popular around here...
No wonder why Bucharest and Bombay got the last place of "The friendliest cities in the World".
Let us be friendlier, nicer and let us smile more. Let's make the World a better place. I start with myself. What about You?


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