Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm back!

"I'll be back!"
Just got back from a long(3.000km), wild, crazy but fascinating trip to "very" Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Russia.Let me start with good things. The "greatest" good things that russians have are: good roads and good women ( in Romanian translation: dumuri bune si femei bune:)
Well, the roads are not as quite German or American highways but way better then the roads that we see, have or hope to have in Romania.It's incredible what they did without European help. Good roads are great when you have to travel long distances and these countries are endless. The traffic I saw reminded me about strong economies such as German or American. The trucks, buses and cars were just older then me( and I am pretty old:)Also, interesting to notice that from every 5 vehicles, every 4 cars were "Made In Russia".
I will not make any comments on good women.I'll only suggest to go visit and see by yourself. Dosvidanya!


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