Thursday, August 03, 2006

Endless resourses

"Natural gas will change our lives..."
Recently I read about the influence and power that Gazprom has in Russia and all over.Europe depends on 26% of russian natural gas and it is constantly increasing.The more dependable we'll be, the more vulnerable we'll be and the russians know that.
During my visit I was again amaised by their natural resourses: rivers and seas, oil, coal, wood.Their strengh comes from here and this is why I believe G7 invited them to join the game. Except roads and part of their infrastructure, everything else is old, grey, noisy, dirty(generally speaking).
I'm not sure they will ever make it to EU standarts even they have millions and huge budgets.Reason? Huge country and great coruption. If you are looking for "real" coruption, you'll find there.Personally I believe what we see in Romania are just left overs of real coruption.
Yep, natural gas and coruption can change lives. I'll come back with more.Stay tuned.


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