Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Punctuality is...

“Punctuality is the soul of business” Thomas C. Haliburton
One of the things I saw and learned from and in USA is that 5 minutes= 300 seconds and not... 600, 900 or 1.200 seconds.
Kids are tought punctuality when in the mornings they have to wait for the school bus. Interesting enought, the bus doesn't wait. When kids are picked up from the school, there is "car pull"- where all the parents come at an exact time and line up. You see all the cars lined up in front of the school, ready to pick up their kids.
Time has a very well defined identity here, in the USA. Little kids learn that time is money, respect. No business can be done if you are late. Things move too fast.
I am amaised how well organized and weel thought is life style here. Is punctuality related to the succes of the USA? You tell me. I'll be here 5 more minutes, I mean 300 seconds. See You!


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