Friday, September 29, 2006

Old&new on cell phones

"Oh, they have the Internet on computers now?" Bart Simpson
IF YOU PURCHASED A NEW CELLPHONE over the past 5 years or so(in the USA), odds are that one of the features listed in small print on the side of the box was "E911 capable." Or, as in the case of a Motorola, "Location technology for piece [sic] of mind."
What your salesman probably failed to tell you—and may not even realize—is that an E911-capable phone can give your wireless carrier continual updates on your location. The phone is embedded with a Global Positioning System chip, which can calculate your coordinates to within a few yards by receiving signals from satellites.So,look up You are on candid satelitte!
Let's talk about new stuff.Did You know recently they made a cell phone tone/ring that adults cant's hear?Students love it.They can leave their cell phones on and the teacher can't hear it.Nice?It's a high frequency sound that after some years of life the ear can't hear it anymore.That's why they use it.
Q:So,how old are You?....A:My name is....T ;)


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