Sunday, December 17, 2006

Romanian troups in Afganistan

"Without courage all virtues lose their meaning” Winston Churchill
Today one of the brothers of an American friend of mine came back from war. He spent almost 1 year in Afganistan. Interesting and taff kid. Brave and smart.
Along with many subjects we got to talk about other forces which are in Afganistan, except the US: Germans, Koreeans, Romanians etc It seems like Romania has a pretty good number of soldiers there. Do you know what did he said about Romanian soldiers?
Bad things:
- the Romanians seems way too relaxed. The act like they don't realize there is war going on.
- lack of military discipline and low profesional attitude. You could see Romanians walking around the base in the army pants, white t-shirts and dragging the AK-47 behind them. Few times, they kept the music too loud when we were in full alert. The higher ranks are more disciplined.
Good things:
- even the Romanians have older weapons, their stuff works great.Very accurate and precise. Their trucks, jeeps and vehicles( made in Romania) are excellent. When needed, they will go 24 hrs without a stop.
- Romanians are very couragous. Brave and dedicated soldiers.
He said: " Anytime I'll join Romanian soldiers. They have no fear and in a combat I would lay down my life for them, just like they will lay down their life for me...".
Wow! What a statement. No more coments.


At 2:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is true. Madness in courage and excellent companions. It seems there are a lot of ancient Rome courage in this soldiers!

At 2:46 PM , Blogger Tony said...

Thank You!


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