Monday, June 30, 2008

The Thunderbirds

"Being a Thunderbird is intense and meticulous, but very few get the chance to flourish the colors of freedom in the way that we do. I believe if you get people to take pride in their country, they take pride in themselves. We carry the torch that lights the path for the next generation of airmen, citizens... and dreamers."
Lt. Col. Steve Andersen - Commander/Leader

Maybe many of You are wondering what am I doing here, in Alaska.Well, I am working with a team on some development,business and humanitarian aid projects. More details later...maybe :)
Was very busy in the last few days but got to have some fun. What kind of fun? Got to go to an Air Show where I got to see the famous "Thunderbirds". Personal opinion? It was WOW! I have seen some other Air Shows in other countries (including Russia) but Thuderbirds become my favorite. You can read more on Thunderbirds here
I have never seen airplanes flying more majestic and breathtaking that this team.Yes, it is a team and in their precision You can see the following values:Perseverance, Consistency, Challenge, Respect, Initiative, Character, Teamwork, Drive, Commitment, Visionary, Opportunity, Confidence. I learned to love and respect them. Their maneuvers were perfect. Just perfect.I have very high standards (in all meanings and in all areas:) and I will agree that they were perfect.
Beyond this show it was a lesson for me that each of our dreams CAN be accomplished by the values I mentioned above.

The Thunderbirds showed me that impossible IS possible. I believe again in my dreams.


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