Friday, June 20, 2008

Inside the Ice Dragon

"Glaciers are delicate individual things, like humans.Instability is built into them..." Will Harrison

On Monday and Tuesday I had 2 days to play and have fun. So, I got my 4*4 truck and hit the road. In those 2 days I looked up for fossils(I did found them! Will tell you maybe next time), went to a reindeer farm,went to a musk ox farm and also have seen and got inside an amazing glacier, Matanuska Glacier.

So, what is a glacier?A glacier is a large, slow-moving river of ice, formed from compacted layers of snow, that slowly deforms and flows in response to gravity. The cool thing I found out on glaciers is that they actually move.

When I was walking on Matanuska glacier I felt like stepping on a Dragon, an Ice Dragon.You could hear his breath and hear water dripping, small parts of ice were melting and falling...Also You could feel his cold breath while walking on it...I tried to walk softly and not wake him up.It's a very strange and cool feeling.

A glacier is a river of ice.It's pretty irregular and it ends in a many small rivers and lakes.His shape changes every day.Also You will not see ice only, a glacier has small rocks and sometimes mud on it.The crystal clear ice is insider his heart.I got inside and touched his heart.No, I haven't broke his heart, maybe...melt it a little :)

Glaciers are such an incredible pieces of art created by our God.Don't miss a chance to see one.


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