Friday, June 13, 2008

Greatest fishing experience

“Caution is a most valuable asset in fishing, especially if you are the fish....”

Today with several men I went fishing on Kenai river, right where it meets Russian river. Beautiful places. Just beautiful.
OK, let's get back to fishing.
Interesting and new facts from my perspective:
-Fishing here is a National sport and everyone loves it
-Ladies are also good fishermen, excuse me...fisherwomen :) Yeah, Alaskan girls are tough.Some have little style but I was surprised to meet some girls with great style and etiquette.
-You have to pay for licence to fish.It varies. A Salmon day fishing licence is $20
For the official info click here
-You are not allowed to take home more then 3 fish per day
-Each river and area has very strict own rules
-The "Fish patrol" is there.If you don't have the licence, they can take your car

Often, fishermen are considered liers. From now on I would look from a different perspective.Why? The truth they are saying it's relative. What you see in the picture is a fish, a salmon. For Romanian standards it's a big fish, for Alaskan standards it's a...small one.

So, You tell me if it's big or small...and I'll tell You where are You from :)


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