Friday, August 04, 2006

Story on brave russian militia(part 1)

" Our militia (a.k.a. police) protects us..." (part 1)
This russian saying when mentionned has an ironical value because people there know if You are looking to be happy: stay away and don't mess up with doctors (hospitals) and police.Why? If don't pay your way in and out of a hospital or police, you'll die there or spend more days there then would like.
I'll share a story with you. After driving over 1000km and crossing Ukraine from one end to another, after a lot of paper work at Russian border finally I made it to Russia. It didn't take me long to meet the "brave russian militia". It was 4a.m. and I got stopped at a road patrol check point. The officer asked for all my documents (passport, registration nr, driver licence etc). Knowing that I have it all, I gave it to him without any hesitation. After carefully looking on my papers, he said:"Do you have translation of your driving licence?". "A what???" was my reaction. "Nobody told me and I never heard about such requirement." "Follow me" he said. Because he had my documents I had to follow him in a little office on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere.Inside, a drunk cop was playing Solitaire, probably the most challenging game for some russian cops. Without looking at me he said: "What's his problem?" and junior replyed "He doesn't have translation for his driver licence".
Then the superior said:" Well, you've got these options: 1.You drive back 2.You find a driver to drive for you further OR..." "Or what?" was my reaction. "You are old enought to know what I am talking about or you prefer me telling you straight?". I told him to tell me straight and he did."Son- he said- bring me some money and the more the better"...
To be continued.


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