Thursday, March 15, 2007

Aiplane Etiquette (1)

"Can the magic of flight ever be carried by words? I think not."
Michael Parfit, 'Smithsonian' magazine, May 2000

Probably not many out of a "non flying generation" heard about Aiplane Etiquette but there is such a thing. I am back with some things on Aiplane Etiquette. Today I'll share part. Next time, the rest of it:


Don't carry-on excessive luggage or oversize bags. Most airlines are cracking down and space is limited.

Board quickly. Don't linger at the entryway -- it backs up traffic in the jetway.

Carry your bag in front of you as you walk down the aisle. Over-the-shoulder luggage can hit passengers that are already seated. It's not a good way to make friends:)

Store your bag under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin adjacent to your seat. Don't put your bag in a bin near the front of the plane for a quick exit -- it means someone else will have to wait until the entire plane has emptied to walk back to get their bag.

Don't store your bags in another's space. Wait until the door closes. If there is empty space, then you can use it.If you need to move another's belongings while placing items in overhead bins, ask them.

Place your coat and jacket on top of your luggage in the overhead bins. Don't place them next to your luggage -- it takes up too much space.

Sit in your assigned seat until everyone has boarded. You can switch seats when you determine the empty spots.

If you are traveling alone and someone asks to switch seats to join a family member or colleague - be a sport. You might need the same favor some day.

Settling In. Don't Hog the Armrests.If you're listening to music with a Walkman, don't crank up the sound too much -- it is irritating to listen to.

Don't recline your seat all the way. Airlines may be expanding the legroom in coach, but it is still cramped.Don't invade your neighbor's "personal space". Be considerate, the Golden Rule applies in the air.

Feet often swell on long flights and many passengers remove their shoes for comfort. Feet often smell on long flights also. If you do take off your shoes, please wear slipper sox to contain the wafting aroma. Believe me, people notice.

Stay tuned for more. Untill next time: seat back, relax and enjoy the! :)


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