Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back to reality

"Everyone said to me, Don't do it, don't go. It'll be a nightmare. And it was! Romania is a hell-hole!" Rhona Mitra.
Well, I am back to Romania. Excuse me-back to the "European Union". It's not as bad as You read in the quote above but's pretty bad.
First few impressions?
- Old buildings You can see while landing on International Airport, also few huge homes with no esthetics and build with a lot of ugly style.
- Unhappy faces at the Airport. My passport was checked by a lady. She had PMS. I know it because this is how she acted. Of course nothing like:" Welcome to RO or Welcome home! ". You can hear words of Welcome probably only from American custom offices when You enter the USA.
-The customs "charged" me a fee for the luggage I had. Let me call it straigh: they asked for a bribe. Hey, this doesn't mean they are corrupted, they were just hungry and have many starving kids at home.
-A lot of trash. I didn't know plastic bags grow on Romanian fields. Ha!
- Surprisingly warm weather. It's like spring time and I like it. Still I hope there is enought snow for skiing.
-Loud people everywhere.
-Dog poop on all sidewaks. Wow, I think I forgot how the dog poop looks like since I left RO...

Everyting else is great. Untill next time, greetings from the ...real World! ;)


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