Friday, March 09, 2007


"He who fails to plan, plans to fail..." Proverb

Today I'll just give you few suggestions on planing if you are looking to visit Rome.
First, check on line all the info on the places you will be visiting. On line you can book hotels and hostels, you can see the train schedule and prices. Just come up and print the plan.
Second, when you get to Rome, buy the Roma Pass- a great helper for 20 euros valid 3 days. It gives you free entrance to 2 museums and using buses and subways anytimes during this 3 days. It's worth the money.
Also, come with a great book Top 10 Roma. It will help you more then you imagine. It's great.

I'll come back with more info and things on a great Italian adventure.
Tomorrow I'm flying back to Bucharest.
Ceao Italia!!!


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