Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ciao Italia!

" All roads lead to Rome " Proverb
It looks like some of my roads lead to Rome as well. Got to Italy yesteday evening. Had a good flight with Fly Europe. Good company, good prices. Still, not very professional yet. The crew is not too friendly, they do not smile and look kind of scared. They are working on that and doing their best. The air craft was new and very comfortable. No business class.
As soon as we landed in Rome, most of the passengers started clapping and were so excited. I thought it was ridiculous because it was just a flight and the pilot did not have to land on an aircraft carrier or on the moon. You could tell that the category of people in the plain was ...diffrent. Mostly, low budget.
Checked in a nice hostel Nice, clean rooms, clean bathrooms, greate colours and staff. Located next to the Vatican.
First few impressions on Rome:
-Amazing city with a lot of history and great architecture. Just unbelievable. Love it!
-You can see the Latin spirit: trash on the streets, loud people, very lade back, very liberal with women.
-The streets probably were never fixed after the Romans built them. Dog's poop on most of the side walks.
-Today I got to see just a bit of Colloseum. It's impresive!!!

In couple hours will take the train to Bari. Then will come back to Rome to explore and visit the sites and museums. Stay tuned, I'll be coming back with more info related to the Italian Experience!



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