Sunday, April 20, 2008

About my trip to Bruxelles

"The EU Constitution is the birth certificate of the United States of Europe. The Constitution is not the end point of integration, but the framework for - as it says in the preamble - an ever closer union" Hans Bury

Well, I made to it to the European Parliament. It was a visit but it was good one and I enjoyed every second of it. Here are few personal observations:
-The EU Parliament has a very modern building but has no extra luxury. There is a different concept on "using people's $" comparing to exCommunist countries;
-Lot's of transparency as the priciple "made for the people of Europe" is a valid one;
-It's just a cool place, friendly and impressive;
-A Coca-Cola at a vending machine is only 0,60 Euro cents (the cheapest one I found in the entire Belgium!);
-The info on the reason of the trip and other personal details I prefer to keep it private...



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