Thursday, October 02, 2008

One of the cooles compliments

"A compliment is verbal sunshineā€¯ Robert Orben

"Very intelligent, has an accent and smells very well" ---this was the way that recently I was introduced by somebody to a group of people. I was presented in many great ways but I really enjoyed the most recent one.Why? I really enjoyed the "smelling" part especially because it was a remark made by a Lady, a young Lady, or as I consider her "one of the Sweeties":)

Actually, I have never realized that a Man with accent and smelling very well can be a weakness for a woman.I like it.When she/they were asked:"How does he smells?" one of the Sweeties said:"...He smells like goodness...". Wow.I like that.

The coolest part is that I am not even using my "heavy artillery" but only the regular staff.

What is my favorite aroma? I love Sweeties that smell :)



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