Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Craziest 7 Days in Alaska---Day 6.(part 2)

"Take a look at your natural river.What are you?Stop playing games with yourself.Where's your river going?Are you riding with it?Or are you rowing against it?..."

Frederick Frieseke, American born French Painter, 1874-1939

In the second part of the day I went whitewater rafting.Went on a 3 and 4 lever white water.The most dangerous is 5.The highest is 6 but nobody can ride it.Niagara Falls is a 6 :) Any volunteers?

We went rafting on Lion's Head where several rivers with cold glacier water create very ruff and fast currents.There were 2 rafts:one in the front, the life saver and then the group raft.

I was on the second one and I was one of the paddlers.We had to wear dry /water proof suits because if somebody falls in the water, the body can freeze in few minutes.Rafting on glacier water is different and more risky then in warm water.I love this crazy stuff!

It was amazing how important is was for all paddlers to pedal in the same rhythm when "the captain" told us too.It was interesting to see that me and we all had to face the waves as they come and hit our boat and not hide.It was incredible to see that when you are heading toward a big wave...you face it with force, you pedal and NOT let your boat float.Why?The whitewater are actually so powerful and go up the river.If you don't pedal, the stop you boat and then flip it over.


Loved it to every second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End of Day 6


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