Friday, August 29, 2008

From cool hot Texas

"There is a growing feeling that perhaps Texas is really another country, a place where the skies, the disasters, the diamonds, the politicians, the women, the fortunes, the football players and the murders are all bigger than anywhere else..."
Pete Hamill

OK, here I am: from the cool Alaska to hot Houston,Texas. Got here 2 days ago and had a super time: spent some time in a friend's Dental clinic(not for treatment!), went to a profesional baseball game on a Minute Maid stadium(Astro's game), went to a high school football game on the Reliant Stadium(the largest one here!It's huge!).Go Mustangs!

The coolest of all was..."Jeep-ing" on the beaches of Gulf of Mexico.Yep, from hiking the glaciers in Alaska to riding moster turcks on the hot sand of the beach down South Texas.It doesn't get any better then this, baby!

Love it.

Tomorrow, I am off. Next stop:Loisiana.

Bye bye Texas! You rock!


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