Saturday, August 05, 2006

Story on brave russian militia (part 2)

" Our militia (a.k.a. police) protects us..." (part 2)
When the cop asked me for money and "the more the better" I refused even to consider giving him any because the reason he came up with was ridiculous.
I start arguing with him and I told him:" I have NOT heard of a need on translation for driving licence and Russia is not the first country I am driving in.It doesn't take much to see the categories I am alowed to drive because B,C,D are the same everywhere...".There were many other reasons I was coming up but "our friend" looked death.Then he said only:" Bring me the money.Son,I'll tell you another thing-I don't care even if you are right.So what if you are right??? Who cares???"
Then I thought I'll touch his "emotional"side and started another type of aprouch:
"Sir,I have not visited Russia for a long time but I am so excited about this trip.We all know that russians are very friendly and hospitable people.We are also very hospitable and treat our visitors very friendly and well..." .Suddenly,he looked at me and said:"Why then,you guys,hurt our russian brothers from Transnistria???".
Wow.No comment.Then he added:"Give me the money or go back to where you came from".
Nice.I went to the car and got 5$.I came and put those money on his table.He looked at me again and said:"The fine for not wearing seatbelt is higher.Bring 5 more".I was tired and just wanted to leave so I gave him 5 more.The amount is not great but the attitude was what bothered me.
Well,for 10 USD I found out two things:
1.The police is right even they are wrong(according to russian rullz)
2.Even a drunk cop in the middle of nowhere admits that russians from Transnistria are his brothers.
Good luck and survive.In Russia,no one cares if You are right.


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