Sunday, September 24, 2006

North Georgia State Fair=crazy&fun!

"Work hard,play ...harder"
Yesterday with some friends of mine I went to the North Georgia Fair in Marietta,Georgia.Check this out on:
A fair is a kind of carnaval with all kind of attractions,rides,lots of food,baloons,music and just good time.It was my first American fair and it is different in some ways from Romanian fairs.
Well,first, a fair here in the USA it's a big deal.It happends once a year,it lasts about 10-12 days and it's much more fun.The fair travels all over the USA, to different states and parts.Every time they return in the same time frame...
Few things I really enjoyed there:crazy bike riders(those guys were so good!you know,you see them on TV or short clips during their tricks);the human cannonball(a man shot from a cannon like in old days they did in circus,it was unreal and crazy!ps.he is still alive:);dog shows (dogs doing a lot of good tricks);tree man(a man dressed like a tree);a man carving with chainsaw(he was a real artist making all kind of statues from wood using only ...chainsaw.he was amaising!)....And many other things.On their web site You can see more.
I just had a great time and time flew by too fast.Wish You all were here.It's worth going.
Well,on Monday a new week starts so I wish You all a great week:work hard,play harder!


At 9:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buna Tony,

sper ca ma mai tii minte. Sunt Carolina, te-am tinut in spate 4 ani de zile in liceu :oD.
De curand am gasit o scrisoare de la tine de pe vremea cand te-ai transferat la facultate in Bucuresti. Ma bucur sa vad acelasi entuziasm in viata ca in scrisoarea aia. Nu pot decat sa zambesc si sa ma bucur pt cum stii sa traiesti si sa te bucuri de viata asta.
Dupa blog-urile tale imi dau seama ca esti in America. Daca ai drum prin San Francisco sau prin Bay Area in California te rog nu ezita sa ma vizitezi. Oh, si daca nu ai drum incoace, atunci fa-ti :oD! Drop me a line at if you're coming by.

Take care, work hard & play harder...oh, I forgot that's your motto :oD

At 11:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

frumos sfarsit de saptamana pentru tine! i am happy for you! sper sa ai o saptamana frumoasa! keep in touch


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