Thursday, August 31, 2006


" There is a way to make things better---find it" T.Edison
Probably when T.Edison invented his stuff, he was not happy with candels, newspapers and so many other things.I never thought that unhappines can stimulate invention...
Why I'm talking about? Everytime I come to the USA, I am impressed by the inventions they have.Who would ever thought that chiken eggs(yoke) can be put in a paper box(like a milk box),called "Egg beaters" and used when you need omelet?You don't need to mix them, they are colesterol free,fat free etc and ready to go.Who would think that to eat corn on cobb you need handels?Well,let me tell Yuo that some people did and made a lot of money on it.
Do you know what was the word somebody "invented"for the left over of a cigarette(adika muc=rom.)?In english is: cigarette butt(adica in rom.:c.r de tigara).Ha!But he didn't make too much money ;)


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