Wednesday, September 06, 2006


"There is no prosperity without labor" Sophocles
I wandered why this observation is still valid today.Maybe because it's...true :)
On Monday, the USA celebrated Labor Day ( a sort of May 1 in Eastern Europe).It was celebrated with NO work and it's considered the end of summer.No more vacantions or long summer trips.
I enjoyed watching families going out and spending time with their kids.With some friends I went rock climbing in Alabama.We all had a great time.Maybe this week-end will go again.Anyone interested?
I have to admit that personaly I believe USA acomplished so much because people here work more then "some"Europeans.I think we shoud learn part of American work ethic.Maybe sometimes we rest more then we work and then wonder:Why we are behind???
Yes,work is good and just like every good thing it has it's limits.My motto was and still is:Work hard, play...harder :)
Enjoy your work!


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