Sunday, September 03, 2006

American wedding&French kisses

“Why do they call it 'French Kissing' if Americans do it the best?”
Today I attended an American wedding but I was not in the “main role” :)Some good friends of mine were getting married and invited me to join.
Well, it was quite an experience but I really enjoyed it. First I need to tell You that it was much shorter then a Romanian (maybe east-European) wedding. Church ceremony lasted about 30 minutes and the reception about another 2 hours. That’s all. Still, the bride and groom left as married as they have had been married if they had to spend 10 hours in the church and at the reception. Does really the time makes a difference: the longer the better?
Another surprise: bride’s parents and the bride pays for ALL wedding expenses. The groom pays for nothing. Nice, isn’t it? (I’m addressing to the guys now :) I thought if you are a man, be a man and pay for Your wedding. I might be wrong or the customs are just different…
Another thing I liked. People stayed in line to get their food from several tables, then they just stand and socialized. Standing you get to meet and talk to more people then just sitting and eating, sitting and eating. Prices for weddings here are from 5.000 $ up to 20.000 $ and even more. An average cost would be about 20.000 $.
Another thing. Few weeks before the wedding, the bride goes to different stores or on the internet and makes a wish list. Then those who were invited to the party go to the stores, ask for the wish list of a certain bride and buy 1 item they want and can afford. The item is sent home or they bring it to the wedding. In this way the new family doesn’t get double gifts or just junk. I think it’s smart and practical. What about this wish list: 1.Porsche 2. Diamond ring 3.Big house on the beach 4.New husband……… :)


At 10:25 AM , Blogger Ana said...

great wish list!!! :))))


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