Friday, January 04, 2008

Good bye Chamonix,FR

"...Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads". Author Unknown

The time in Chamonix was above my any expectations. It was too cool!
Two days ago got on the Aiguille Du Midi, 3.842 meters, the highest peak of Mount-Black mountain massif. I am brave and crazy but there were few moments when I thought about Heaven more often then I usually do J
The view was spectacular: glaciers, Mere du Glass, high mountain tops, the clouds and the sun…Well, probably I can say that I was in the clouds for few hours.
Then together with my friends we skied, skied, skied. So now, I can officially declare:” The skiing season of 2008 is OPEN!!!!” Yoohoo!!!
Chamonix in the winter it’s all about skiing. I had such a blast!!! If You have never flown down hill from a mountain, you probably will not fully understand what I am talking about.
Skiing is about life, joy, speed, sunshine and adrenaline. Anybody interested?
We had lunch in nice restaurants right on the edge of sharp mountains, we have tried all the slopes. I got a new nick name “Black Diamond”. I am wondering why? J
I got to love Chamonix, the people and the beautiful landscape. It’s a little town with many lights, coquette streets, fancy shops and hospitable locals with funny French accent, a town hidden in a valley of Mont-Blanc.
Tomorrow we are getting in our 4*4 Mitsubishi Warrior and heading back to London. Long and exciting way ahead. Why long?1000 km.Why exciting? Crossing all the France, English Channel and many other things. Two more days in London and then …back to the “real world”.

Good bye Chamonix. Until next time.
Next stop---London. The Queen is waiting for me.


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