Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Other English stuff

“We all are worms but I am a glowing one…”
Winston Churchill

On Saturday I went and visited the cabinet and war rooms where W. Churchill stayed during Second World War. Yep, today is a great museum. The accommodations considered as bomb proofed shelters for key people during the War were luxury for those days but are wild for nowadays. It was fascinating to be where the history was made. Winston Churchill was a great man and a real English gentleman.

Before going to the Churchill’s museum I went to the Buckingham Palace. Saw changing the guards. Also near by the Castle saw 20 soldiers riding on the horses as been part of the Queen’s Guard. I loved watching them: all were alike with elegant English pride and self-confidence.

In the evening met my friends and went around the Thames rives. Saw the Big-Ben, London’s Eye, drover on the London’s Bridge, saw the MI5 (yes, you know, that place where I am working at? I hope you still remember that I am BONDcev. Tony BONDcev. Can’t reveal you more info on that. It’s classified)

In the evening passed by Harrods. It’s a beautiful huge store with thousands of light on. It’s the most expensive store of London. The cheapest socks are about 70 British pounds which is over 100 Euros (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Bus drivers who are real Champions of driving those double deckers on the narrow streets are always very nice to all people and crazy tourists asking for directions. Also, they use the horn rarely. Probably many of them have not discovered that their bus has a very loud horn which can drive crazy pedestrians and other driversJ

I think I am getting used with left side driving but still believe it’s crazy.

Will have to admit that not only English blondes are hot but also those “made in” Sweden, Norway and Poland. Oh, yeah, in a metropolis like London You can see many beauties. They are just charming and sweeeeet…I’ll stop here. More details in a private conversation J

I’ll be back, baby!


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