Monday, December 03, 2007

Blog&Roll...only 4 Super Stars

I am still tired of life, broken dreams and this kind of stuff... Even thou, yesterday decided to go to a meeting of fellow bloggers, a meeting called Blog&Roll, a Karaoke contest of bloggers. Yeah, it was the time when bloggers "had to be heard" and I've heard a lot :) For those who were not there, here are few personal mentions and pics are here:

- some bloggers can write blogs and sing songs;

- other bloggers can write blogs and... write blogs. Take a look here

- it was cool to meet people from virtual world in the real world.

- it was fun listening. Corina was the best. There were two other people who were good as well.

- it was fun singing "What a Wonderful World" by Luis Armstrong. For a while, it brought some silence and peace to the entire audience. I got aplause and cheers.

- it was a good and relaxing evening.

-thank You Sorin and Costin for doing that!

- my message for all bloggers: You guys rull&roll! You=da best!

Keep it up and sing loud!


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