Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Spirit of Japan vs. The Romanian Spirit

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight"
Japanese Proverb

Have you thought that the music of a Nation represents that Nation better then any other symbol? Have you ever thought that several big and small drums can make a meaningful sound and literally talk?
Well, this is what I saw and felt yesterday evening while attending Bu-shi-do, a concert of Japanese drums at the Bucharest Opera House organized by the Embassy of Japan in Romania.
Bu-shi-do in Japanese means "Way of the Warrior” and it originates from the samurai moral code and stresses frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery and honour unto death.
I enjoyed watching those 5 talented young men of the Bu-shi-do band playing the traditional Japanese drums. You could read lots of discipline, lots of energy, strong feelings and no mercy in their music. You could see Japan and Japanese spirit.
The second part of the concert was a contemporary concert where the audience enjoyed rock music, some rap and the cherry on the cake was “Dragostea din tei” originally sang by the Republicans from O-ZONE. They were too cool playing, singing and just doing a great concert for all of us. The audience got to love them and showed it by lots applause.
Music always shows the spirit of a Nation:
- Think of Russian music: deep base church choir, balalaikas, sad songs. A sad nation.
- Think of American music: lots of patriotism, marches, country songs and cowboys. That is the USA, Land of Free, Home of the Braves.
- Japanese sound of drums makes me thing of war, of Samurays, of incredible discipline.
- Romanian music…Hm…Help me…Slow songs, lazy music, party music, laid back rhythms. You tell me what kind of Nation are we?
Romania will never be a great Empire or Superpower even if we had all the wealth in the World. We are built differently. We raise our kids differently. We wait for things to happen and we don't make things happen. We've got more poetry in our spirit then discipline. We can sing and we can dance but we still need to learn to work, to build a future, to build a strong Nation.
That’s it. Now, please go back to ….work or...or whatever song you were singing :)


At 2:44 PM , Anonymous Carolina said...


Don't you think you're a little too harsh? Romania does have beautiful and good music.
Come on...don't be listening to manele only :D. Give Romania some credit...don't take it this personal...the grass always looks greener on the other side but it might not always be greener...

At 4:49 PM , Blogger Tony said...

Nope, not too harsh. Definetly RO has beautifull music. Actually, if you read carefully, this is what I was saying:" we can sing and we can dance...".Then you don't know what kind of music I listen;)
Finally, it's not about green grass but it's about who We are and If we accept it or ignore it.Beautifull or not, a music represents the Character of a Nation.Drums are not really a musical instrument and they really don't make music but they speak about Japan. Romanian most beautiful songs speak about Romania...Grass gets greener where You water it.

At 5:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you are write in what you say about the music of the country and how it relates. hhm! interesting!!
actually,i like the way you write, Tony :)


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