Saturday, October 20, 2007

Men's toys

“The only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys…and the price they pay for them” Unknown

Only recently I realized that men do like women, cars and guns. All 3. Before that I thought that they enjoy only the first two.
Today got to visit a Military exhibition and was amazed of the stuff I saw there. Lot of intelligent weapons. A 3 y.o. kid, a 14 y.o. teenager, a 25 y.o. youngster, a 37 y.o. adult, an elder at 65 y.o.- all of them were starring at some smart controlled missals and navy equipment. I know that only part of them would look in a similar way at a woman and fewer of them would look with a dropped jaw at a super car.
Why weapons? Maybe because it’s the man’s hunter instinct placed inside a long time ago when he used arrows and rocks or maybe it’s the feeling of the power and domination…
Whatever the answer would be I agree that all man and boys have the same toys. The older they get the more expensive and bigger their toys get. Men love toys because for us life is a game. Sometimes a serious game, other times a fun one. A game that you could loose or you could win.
My favorite toys? Cars, ATV-s, motorcycles, private jets, boats, guns, rollerblades and few other things. No, I will not include women and this category. Women are a different story. Not sure I want to share it…yet ;)
Play hard!


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