Sunday, August 13, 2006

New passport

"A wolf may change his colour but will not change his habbits"
Today early in the morning I had to take same people to the airport.Because I have a deal with airlines, we got there early.My deal with airlines is: If I'm not there on time, they may leave/take off without me :)
So, we got there early, before the check in started and we had to wait.After waiting a while our gate was open and we were the first in line. Suddenly, from nowhere, a lady with a German passport and some children's toys started pushing her way in, speaking in German.When she realized that not many speak German in that line, she changed it to an excellent Romanian yelling:" Let me in!!!I have a kid and I need to be the first one here!Let me in!!!Oh, such a wild buch, such non educated people..."
Excuse me???!!! I may not be a member of Mother&child association but her aproach was a very low level and it really bothered me.
You know, some people may change their passports, hair colour, language they speak or clothing they wear but their character remains the same. Cheap people remain cheap people.


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