Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blogging Vs Journalism at US Cultural Center

"The influence of blogging is overall a very positive force in the media"

Garrett M. Graff

Today, basically yesterday, I got to be part of the Blogging Vs Journalism debate at USA Cultural Center of Bucharest. First blogging event I participated and definitely not last.
The US Embassy press office did a great job! Thank You, Ana-Maria Popa and the Team. Great job!
It was interesting to learn new things about this new type of media.
Few things on bloggs:
-Bloggs are like newspapers& TV shows=good and bad;
-Can be a powerful tool;
-It’s up to an individual to choose his/hers source of info;
-Bloggs have almost NO legislation but still the law applies to bloggs as well. For more check
-Bloggs can make you reach. Interested? Click here
-People who read bloggs are interested in bloggs on technology (1 out of 3); culture (1 out of 4); politics (1 out of 4). Only 3 % read personal blogs.

The highlight of this event was that I got to meet few other fellow bloggers. Especially I enjoyed meeting and talking to Cristian Manafu and Andressa. It’s a weird feeling, it’s like meeting some famous people you know about but never met before. The best part? They were great: friendly, open, well mannered and very nice.

Personally I believe that blogging it's about freedom. About mine and your freedom.

Enjoy it!


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