Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The future millionaires of Romania

“Search and luck lead to opportunity” Unknown

Today I was invited to participate at a special event organized by Ziarul Financiar (Romanian Financial Magazine) called:” 100 Afaceri de la Zero” ( “100 Businesses started from scratch”). The event was oriented toward entrepreneurs, businessmen and took place at JW Marriot hotel of Bucharest.
I greatly enjoyed it and I’ll share few thought with You:
· The Governmental officials are slow, boring, inaccessible and far from Romanian business reality.
· There are lots of funds given by EU and Romanian Government for businesses but the corruption and stupid paper work makes it impossible.
· Mr.Dragos Rosca (Gemisa, SensiBlu) and Mr.Marius Ghenea ( were my favorite speakers. You can tell they are in business and also have a high economical degrees.
· Mr. Radu Timis, 46 y.o., the founder of Cris Tim, the largest meat processor of Romania, had a great speech too. Less numbers but more emotion. His main thoughts were related to the fact that business is harder and harder to make in Romania but it’s worth doing it. He also said that whenever one door closes; there definitely should be an open one. We need to find it, always play FAIR and NEVER GIVE UP. Love it. Great guy.
· Acording to Mr. Rosca the future greatest biz opportunities are related to services connected to people confort and life style, personalized services and services related to the quality of life. Romanian economy of the future will be an economy of services, because all the production will go abroad (China etc)
· Mr. Ghenea said that the magic combination of success for a successful business is : the Opportunity +the Attitude +the Entrepreneur +the Chance. In his opinion the best biz opportunities are in internet, consultancy services and franchises. You can read more on or

It was an encouraging and great meeting. Wow, I am fascinated to see successful people because I believe success is contagious. One of the speakers mentioned that large Romanian companies cut down lots of jobs. It’s not because they have problems, it’s because they restructured. This is why ONLY the Entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses will provide a healthy economy.

I am planning to be one of the new millionaires of Romania. Join me.

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