Friday, August 31, 2007

Vivat la Republic!

"True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence..."

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

August 27th is the a special day for Republic of Moldova and its citizens. 18 years ago this little country situated in Eastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine, got its Independence.

On August 31 the country got back its Language...

It was a fascinating time, a time when people were looking for Freedom not knowing what Freedom really is. It was a concept and a thought. It was "something" that their Fathers dreamed about, spoke about and died for...

Freedom. Independence. Democracy. New things for a new country.

Today Republic of Moldova is still struggling for its Freedom. Being a very small country with no energetic resources, with almost no industry and depending only on agriculture and its people, Moldova is under the influence of greater powers. History had very hard twists for this little piece of land.

We all know that Freedom of a country depends directly on the economy and its resources. From this point of view, Moldova is not quite Free, geographically speaking.

The main thing is that the people of Moldova are Free. They are Free to think, Free the live, Free to make decisions for themselves.

There is a Generation of Freedom that I love and I am proud of.

This is what really matters.

Happy Independence Day, Republic!


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