Monday, October 08, 2007

Birthday party at Aventura Park

" And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years..." Abraham Lincoln

This past Saturday with several great friends I celebrated the beggining of my Birthday. I call it "the beggining" because the actual day is October 11th.
I celebrated my B-days in many different ways but decided to make it special this time. So, looking back at my life I saw Adventure, lots of adrenaline, fun and excitment. What would be the most representative B-day for me then an Adeventurous B-day? So, we went to Aventura Parc!!!!
Tree climbing, nets, ropes, sliding down, solving puzzles and packing gifts. These were only a few of the things we all have done. It was fun! I loved it!
I enjoyed watching how some of my friends who didn't know each other before got aquinted and had fun like good old friends.
It always surprized me how different my life looked at different B-days. At a certain age I belived in fairy tales and Santa Clause, then I was getting ready to fly to the stars, another time I was working to change the World, then I believed that there is a Princess for every Prince, then I believed that bad things never happen to good people, then...
Well, what do I believe today? How do I see life today? It's hard to say:
-Probably I don't believe in miracles as I use to (I still hope that some miracles may happen).
-Then I am less romantic as I use to be. Romantics will not survive.
-98% of people are selfish( Those who read my blog are excluded:)
-Often life s..ks
--I care less if I live or die. There were times when I was concerned of death. Now, it's all relative.
-Life is a fight. Only the strongest will win. I am gonna be a winner.
Not planning to fail or give up. Try me!

Things change every day. You change even if You admit or not.
My thought for You? Don't give up. Fight and survive. Wimps never win.

PS.All B-day gifts and greetings may be sent to my snail mai adress or e-mail as an atachment:)


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