Friday, July 18, 2008

Vision makes the difference

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others"

Jonathan Swift, Irish Author 1667-1745

People with great vision are the one who really make a difference in this World.I want to mention 2 names related to the history of Alaska:

1. William H. Seward -the US Secretary of State who arranged for the United States to purchase Alaska from Russia in 1867 for 7.2 million dollars, or 2 cents per acre.The United States acquired nearly 600,000 square miles. Opponents of the Alaska Purchase persisted in calling it “Seward’s Folly” or “Seward’s Icebox” until 1896, when the great Klondike Gold Strike convinced even the harshest critics that Alaska was a valuable addition to American territory.

2. Joe Redington, Sr. believed in The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.He believed that it can be done. Iditarod is the famous dog race.For more info click here

Visionaries believe in impossible and do incredible things.They are considered crazy for their days but only such people move the World forward.Your attitude determines your altitude.

Aim high.


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