Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Craziest 7 Days in Alaska---Day 2

“Glaciers are delicate and individual things, like humans. Instability is built into them.” Will Harrison

Before I got to Seward I spent a nigh in a very quite place, near Cooper Landing, in a friend's camper.I enjoyed the silence because soon I'll get back to the "Real World".

The next morning drove to Seward and on the way there, hiked to the Exist Glacier.Even Alaska has 100.000 glaciers, each of them is unique and beautiful. I have seen many glaciers but never got tired of them.I am fascinated when I am looking at gigantic mountains aka rivers of ice called glaciers...

The hike to Exit Glacier was easy.It's called Exit because this was the way the first explorers exit the ice field where this glacier starts.

I spent the rest of the day in Seward.It's a small town with really cool port.There is not too much to do in Seward except enjoy fine dining places, visit Sea Life Center, check the shops or take a cruise to see sea life and more glaciers.The main thing there is fishing.I think Seward is fishing heaven.

It's unREAL the fish I saw in the harbor.I watched the fishing boats coming in harbors and unloading the fish.Some fish were bigger then me.It costs about 265$ per person to have a private fishing experience on a fishing boat.

The End of Day 2


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