Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back from the North Pole

"Harry Potter is like Santa Claus...he is soo REAL!"...
Yesterday got back from cool and crazy trip to Denali National Park, to Fairbanks, North Pole...
We had a blast!!!
The first night we camped on Denali campgrounds and then the next day we took a 9h bus ride in the park.It's incredible.We got too see all wildlife that lives there.
Near Fairbanks we saw the Trans Alaskan Oil Pipeline, then we went to the North Pole.
There I found Santa Claus and his wife, both in the same town.It was unreal and it brought me back to my childhood.Also Santa told me that he will bring me many good gifts this year.
Look forward to seeing you soon.. :)


At 5:53 AM , Anonymous Ana said...

santaaaa :) nice picture!


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