Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The right to remain silent...

"You have the absolute right to remain silent..."
Do not talk to anyone about the offense under investigation until you consult with an attorney. You cannot be forced by anyone to talk about the offense. Many people don't know that as soon as they become a suspect their rights must be read to them before questioning.
Did you know that You may be a suspect and called to the police station for an interview IF one of Your neighbours is upset on You? Yep, if any or all of your "smiley faces" neighbours are upset for any reason on You or You treated them wrong, they can go to police and say whatever they want about You.According to the Romanian law if anyone makes an acusation on You, You become a suspect. People can say any lie about You to the police and the police will come to check You. If "smiley faces" are wrong, that's ok-there is NO punishment for lying."Nice",isn't it? I think older neighbours do such things more then younger onces. That's why I consider that many of the older people don't deserve respect. Still, don't forget to greet them while walking by because You never know who may get upset on You... :)


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