Monday, August 06, 2007

"Gasless" Romanian highway

"On the highway of life, we most often recognize happiness out of the rear view mirror..."

Frank Tyger

I really like this quote because it's so true. How often we do start recognizing the value of some people only after they are gone? How often we do treasure precious moments only after they are gone? How often we are racing towards "something" and miss the time we could spend with our children, family or special friends?How often.....

Oh well, let's look at something different. On one of the Romanian highways there are NO gas stations. NONE. For over 100km there is not even a drop of gas. The worst part is that the first warning sign is after about 45 km. So, if you are travelling on one of the Romanian highways, the one called "Sun highways" aka Autostrada Soarelui, please make sure Your tank is full.Otherwise, You will spend there more time then You would like!

I am looking to be positive so I'll close on a positive note:Maybe there are no gas stations only on this Romanian highway. Definitely it's an exception.

Fill it up and hit the road, Jack!

PS. Are there any highways in Romania?


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