Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A story about a happy man

“I’m not a prophet or a stone aged man, I'm just a mortal with potential of a Superman. I’m living on”
David Bowie, English singer and Song Writer, 1947

3pm... Very hot day in a crazy& crowded city. Ordinary busy streets with people walking by. Same routine for everyone, except…
A little girl and her Grandmother. In middle of all this, the little girl faints on the street. Here she is: laid on the asphalt and her Grandmother trying to “wake” her up and trying to lift her up to carry her away from the cars and busy people. Despite of the Grandmother’s efforts, the 9y.o. little girl was to heavy for her and she remained there.
Lots of people kept walking by. Cars driving by. A little crowd started gathering. People of different ages stopped to look. Yes, they stopped to look. For them it was another “show”…
Then a man came. He was an ordinary man. He walked to the little girl. Asked the Grandmother what the problem was. Lift the little girl and carried her to a bench under a tree. “Woke” her up. Shared his water with her. She was getting better so he spoke with her. From her he found out that she didn’t eat too much. Basically she eat nothing. Her skinny body and very pale skin were another argument to her words. No, she wasn’t begging, she was just answering questions. Evidently uncomfortable, the Grandmother shared that her little granddaughter had an accident in school in May. Her skull was damaged very badly and she was still recovering. Lack of food, water, very high temperatures added to the health problems she already had. She was just a kid, a 9 y.o. kid.
No, they were not homeless or beggars but you could tell they were very poor…
Then the ordinary man left. He just disappeared. He was happy J

Often we are a Nation of spectators. We enjoy watching shows and making comments. We don’t get involved. We don’t care or maybe we care but only for us, our needs and pleasures.
Yesterday I was talking to a friend about what’s life about. What really matters now? What will really matter after we will be gone? What has a real and lasting value?
Yes, I love and enjoy life. I have goals, plans and dreams. Still, what will I leave behind after the final line with be drawn in my life??? What will matter then?
That man was happy because he made a difference in somebody’s life. A small difference but he made it. There were so many spectators there but only he choose to care.
I encourage each of you, who read this lines, to get involved, to care, to make a difference. Keep your eyes open. You don’t need to be a Superman, Spiderman or Amazing Four to make this World better. That man was an ordinary man but he became a Superman by what he did.
What will last after the final line will be drawn in Your life?
Make a difference today in somebody’s life.
Use Your potential of a Superman or Supergirl.
Be an anonymous ordinary hero.


At 12:43 AM , Blogger Sorina Iorga said...

Keep being a happy man, Tony! Sorina ;)


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