Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Romanian visa

"Freedom is the last, best hope of earth..."

Abraham Lincoln

On January 1st, 2007 Romania joined European Union. So, most of the non EU countries need to get a visa in order to enter Romania. One of them is Republic of Moldova, which is an independent country but use to be part of Romania....

For almost 2 weeks (!!!!!!!!!!) I have been trying on line to make a reservation for somebody from Rep. Moldova at the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau. This friend of mine is coming to Romania with business purpose and can't enter without a Romanian visa.

The registration can be done only on-line, only up to 7 days ahead, only for 200 people per day.

To keep it short I'll tell You the following:

- All the list is booked at 00,05 am

- In less then 5 minutes all the places are taken

- The site is one of the worst I have seen , gives lots of errors, slow, non user friendly, stupid...Click here and then click 'programare vize'

- Apparently at the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau there is an entire business to give visa to Republicans. People of the Embassy make a lot of money on that. How? I will let you figure it out ;)

- For almost 2 weeks, every night at midnight I was ready to fill in the on-line form. First came, first served.

-Yesterday, I was done in less than 1 minute (my best record:) and got to be number 124 out of 200.
- I was so happy about my achievement! I was so happy I didn't gave up and my ambition had a good result! Finally, I did it!

Sometimes we don't realise, don't treasure or don't understand the Freedom we have. We have the Freedom to move, to live, to express, to decide, to enjoy life...Always keep in mind that Freedom has a price. Freedom is NOT Free.

I am so thankful for it.


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