Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mr.Body Language in Romania

" Think about WHAT You want to acomplish, not HOW. The most important is to set a GOAL and go for it..."

Mr. Allan Pease a.k.a. Mr.Body Language

Today I was one of the few privilleged people to attend a training with Mr. Allan Pease organized by HCS Human Capital Solutions

Basically I was part of the event planning team. It was a great day! Thank You, Mrs. Camelia Levintza, Madalina and Mihaela. You all are an amaizing team! Well done!

Few thoughts on today:

-Woman can't read maps and men can't lie to women. It's the way we are made( ***If You are a man and are planning to lie to a woman, call her:)

-When dealing with men, give them one problem at a time. They have a monotracking brain. They can only speak OR listen. Never both in the same time.

-When men talk, they take turns. They talk to comunicate facts and info,

-Women take no turns. They talk to bond not to comunicate facts or info.

-Men have problem solving brain. If we don't have a problem, we don't talk.

-A man uses about 8.000-9.000 words/ day. Women uses 20.000-24.000 words/day. Do You feel a difference? Ha!

-Every men needs 30 min of "firegazing" (rest, silences) every evening. This is why men watch TV, read magazines. It helps us to rest.

-Men have a direct talk but women developed an indirect talking code.

-World's 5th most recognizable icon is a ... smiley face :)

-Those who smile, make more friends.

-Don't touch Your face when talking IF You want people to believe You.

-If people "buy" You, they will buy what You sell them. If they will like You, they will buy what You sell.

-Business and life is all about relationships.

-Whatever You choose to think about, it will happen to You.

These are just few lines on all the good thoughts I got today from Mr.Allan Pease.

It was an amaizing day with lots of fun, new friends and lessons. This high end event at the Parliament's Palace of Bucharest was succesfull also because of the assistance of special hostesses which were hired(***I'll admit: verrrrry pretty Ladies), profesional light and sound companies, catering.

You can find out more in Mr.Body Language's books on or at Curtea Veche publisher

Life is good!

Smile :)


At 12:16 AM , Anonymous Ana said...

very nice picture. i'm glad that you had a beautiful and interesting day!

At 7:52 AM , Anonymous Madalina said...

Cu foarte multa placere! Si multumim si noi la randul nostru pt ajutor ;)


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