Thursday, May 03, 2007

Western biz ethic in Eastern Europe

" There are two levers to set a man in motion: fear and self-interest"

Napoleon Bonaparte, 1769-1821, French general and emperor

I love photography and all things related to this art. Few days ago I bought several picture frames but had a problem with one of them. Despite the warnings which are posted in most Romanian stores "No returns. No refunds" I went back to the "Kodak" store located downtown Bucharest, in Unirea store.

Initially I told my problem in a nice manner to one of the employees. He was trying to find any possbile way in order to make me understand he is not planning to change the broken picture frame.
He told me that his boss is in charge of this but will be here in couple days.

So, couple days later I went back. The boss was not there but I asked for his phone number and called him. Surprisingly, as I explained the problem I had with brand new frame I bought from his store, in a very friendly way he told me that his "employees will be more then happy to change the broken frame with a new one". It was hard to believe that he was so nice. After the convesation, the employees gave me a new picture frame :)

Apparently the new business environment is changing business ethic of business owners. Hopefully it will change the business ethic of the more employees too.

So, if you need picture stuff, go to "Kodak" Unirii. If you had any problems talk to the owner- Mr. Marinica- nice guy, great businessman.

PS. Today I am going there to buy 2 photo albums ;)


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