Saturday, June 02, 2007

Elections in Rep.Moldova

"No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent"

Abraham Lincoln

Today, Republic of Moldova will choose its local leaders a.k.a. mayors and councilors. The total number of people who can go vote is 2,44 mln. The largest number of candidates who will run for a mayor's job is in Chisinau, the capital.We are talking about 17 different people who really want to become the Mayor of Chisinau. Today, the Republic will choose 898 mayors and 12.000 councilors in all it's locations all over country.

The cost of this elections is=13,74 mln Moldavian Lei (fyi 1 $=13 Moldavian lei) and Communist Party spend the most on money on it. At the moment they are the majority in local and Governmental administration.

Even in Republic of Moldova, politics stinks. I saw a mixed campaign where smart political tricks walked together with cheap and dirty actions. It's wild. Everybody is aware of it but people can't really change much.

Comments like "They all promise and give stuff only before elections" "The Mayor suddenly started walking on the streets and greet people" "They have not fixed even one road in 4 years but started now" are very common.

It's sad to see how a small beautiful country with hardworking and smart people crawls under the curse of disadvantage of old influences and connection.

Today the Republic will vote!

There is still hope. There is still light. There is still a Way. It's The Way.


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