Thursday, February 22, 2007

An increbible Romanian experience

"The only way to know how customers see your business is to look at it through their eyes"
Daniel R. Scroggin
Two days ago I was looking to buy some sun glasses. I don't know much about glasses and things related to them. I only knew that glasses have to "match" your profile, face, outfit. Well, I entered in shop which sells sport equipment and all kind of sun glasses. There were not too many customers inside. Soon after I entered the store, the person who works there asked me if I need any help. I told him what I was looking for.
For about 1 hour he showed me what kind of sun glasses they have, what should I look at when I am wearing/buying glasses, which glasses are best for me. I have learned a lot about sun glasses and I bought the glasses I liked the most!
I couldn't believe how much time he spent with me, how many things he knew and how much he loved what he was doing. He is one of the best Romanian sales men I met!!!
Now, when I pass by the store, which is located in downtown Bucharest on the corner across the Spring time fast food at the Univesitatii, I use sun glasses because that business is shining and the people who work there are so bright! Thank You for an incredible Romanian experience!
When I'll need sport equipment or another pair of sun glasses I'll buy it there. Why? ..... :)
PS. The name of the salesman there is Mihai.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


"Friends are born, not made" Henry Adams
I am getting more and more arguments that you can't trust people. Not even so called "friends". People are people and most of the friendships are based on personal interest. I kind of knew all this stuff but I realised it once again: Even your best friend will sell You...for the right price.
If all Your friends are great, don't get excited, nobody paid the right price for You, yet...
ps. Let me hear how great are Your friends.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back to reality

"Everyone said to me, Don't do it, don't go. It'll be a nightmare. And it was! Romania is a hell-hole!" Rhona Mitra.
Well, I am back to Romania. Excuse me-back to the "European Union". It's not as bad as You read in the quote above but's pretty bad.
First few impressions?
- Old buildings You can see while landing on International Airport, also few huge homes with no esthetics and build with a lot of ugly style.
- Unhappy faces at the Airport. My passport was checked by a lady. She had PMS. I know it because this is how she acted. Of course nothing like:" Welcome to RO or Welcome home! ". You can hear words of Welcome probably only from American custom offices when You enter the USA.
-The customs "charged" me a fee for the luggage I had. Let me call it straigh: they asked for a bribe. Hey, this doesn't mean they are corrupted, they were just hungry and have many starving kids at home.
-A lot of trash. I didn't know plastic bags grow on Romanian fields. Ha!
- Surprisingly warm weather. It's like spring time and I like it. Still I hope there is enought snow for skiing.
-Loud people everywhere.
-Dog poop on all sidewaks. Wow, I think I forgot how the dog poop looks like since I left RO...

Everyting else is great. Untill next time, greetings from the ...real World! ;)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Good Bye USA!

"...America-Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave"

Today is my last day in the good, old USA. In several hours I'll be departing to the airport: Washington DC-Amsterdam-Bucharest. After 20 hours I'll be back to reality.

My time in the USA was a time of learning, exploring, earning. I achieved my goals and I look forward to the next steps I am going to take. Surely I'll miss the USA...

Good Bye& God Bless America, Land that I love!

Untill next time ;)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

"...The Lord set this up in a way that no one would believe it" , Tony Dungy (first black Super Bowl coache).
Yesterday another great game was played. It was a fight between The Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts. Big time for America as millions of people (men especially:) watched the game.
Few things to notice:
- When the Colts came on the field, before doing anything else, they gathered and prayed.
- The Super Bowl is know for its ads. A 30 second comercial costs over 2 milion $. We are not even talking about the price paid to make those ads.
During Super Bowl you would see the best ads made in the US or for the US stuff and not only.
- Super Bowl is a phenomenon. It become a tradition, a custom, a time of reunion and ...great sales. Grocery stores all over America sell a lot of food and drinks. Peope are having Super Bowl parties in their homes, bars, restaurants and even Churches.
I still don't understand much of American footbal but I know that Colts wan the Super Bowl. Maybe the prayed they had in the beggining of the game really helped?....