Friday, September 29, 2006

Old&new on cell phones

"Oh, they have the Internet on computers now?" Bart Simpson
IF YOU PURCHASED A NEW CELLPHONE over the past 5 years or so(in the USA), odds are that one of the features listed in small print on the side of the box was "E911 capable." Or, as in the case of a Motorola, "Location technology for piece [sic] of mind."
What your salesman probably failed to tell you—and may not even realize—is that an E911-capable phone can give your wireless carrier continual updates on your location. The phone is embedded with a Global Positioning System chip, which can calculate your coordinates to within a few yards by receiving signals from satellites.So,look up You are on candid satelitte!
Let's talk about new stuff.Did You know recently they made a cell phone tone/ring that adults cant's hear?Students love it.They can leave their cell phones on and the teacher can't hear it.Nice?It's a high frequency sound that after some years of life the ear can't hear it anymore.That's why they use it.
Q:So,how old are You?....A:My name is....T ;)

Monday, September 25, 2006

China, India and Romania

“China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese.” Charles De Gaulle (Former French President)
Wow!!! That was deepJ On the same note I need to add that India is a big country inhabited by many Indians…
Recently I was reading that China and India are 2 countries with incredible economies. The G7 uses them for outsourcing. Reasons are as follows: cheap labor, lots of recourses and good work ethic.
Have You read book “The World is flat”? I recommend it. Great book.
Talking to a successful businessman, friend of mine, it was interesting to see what some people feel about Eastern Europe. Yes, a lot of outsourcing will be going to Eastern Europe but very little comparing to what’s going to India and China. Why? The main thing is: work ethic.
What’s work ethic? Yep, many from Eastern Europe still don’t know what work ethic is.
Maybe communism or maybe laziness killed the work ethic in Romania? Maybe there are other factors? Personally I think the main reasons are these two. New companies and corporations coming to Romania, trainings and internships are bringing back to Romania a healthy work ethic. Still, it’s very sick and skinny .We hope it improves because this may change our economy and future…or maybe not.
Well, I’ll stop here so You can get back to work!
Ps. I hope there will not be a day when somebody will say: ”America is a big country, inhabited by too many …Chinese”

Sunday, September 24, 2006

North Georgia State Fair=crazy&fun!

"Work hard,play ...harder"
Yesterday with some friends of mine I went to the North Georgia Fair in Marietta,Georgia.Check this out on:
A fair is a kind of carnaval with all kind of attractions,rides,lots of food,baloons,music and just good time.It was my first American fair and it is different in some ways from Romanian fairs.
Well,first, a fair here in the USA it's a big deal.It happends once a year,it lasts about 10-12 days and it's much more fun.The fair travels all over the USA, to different states and parts.Every time they return in the same time frame...
Few things I really enjoyed there:crazy bike riders(those guys were so good!you know,you see them on TV or short clips during their tricks);the human cannonball(a man shot from a cannon like in old days they did in circus,it was unreal and crazy!ps.he is still alive:);dog shows (dogs doing a lot of good tricks);tree man(a man dressed like a tree);a man carving with chainsaw(he was a real artist making all kind of statues from wood using only ...chainsaw.he was amaising!)....And many other things.On their web site You can see more.
I just had a great time and time flew by too fast.Wish You all were here.It's worth going.
Well,on Monday a new week starts so I wish You all a great week:work hard,play harder!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Footbal and inteligence

"Have fun in your command. Don't always run at a breakneck pace. Take leave when you've earned it: Spend time with your families.” Colin Powell.
There are lots of words to be said about fun. From the TV maybe many of us can say that all Americans are not too inteligent and all they can do is: watch footbal and eat hot-dogs.Wrong!!!
Two days ago few good friends invited me to dinner.The surpize was that in that little restaurant you would enjoy not only food but...a trivia game.Yes,every table could participate to this interesting and educational game.There were 10 tables, so 10 teams and for 2 hours we had a great time.Questions from history, biology, art, food, sports,movies.I loved the game!It was fun and exciting.In the end of the game our team was on the 3rd place but we lost.I could not believe how much the people knew about things and life.More then everything I enjoyed watching the families with their kids playing,friends and lovers playing this "smart"game of trivia.I enjoyed seeing just laughter and good time that everyone had.
No,America is not only American footbal.There are many inteligent Americans.We should not judge only by TV or cinema.There are good and bad people anywhere, the important thing is to hang around the good ones and have fun!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Romanian "stuff"

"...This is my country! Land of my choice!
This is my country! Hear my proud voice!..."
No,no,no.It's not a Romanian folk song,it's an American one composed in 1940 but valid even today.
I don't know how many Romanians sing patriotical songs from the bottom of their heart.If you are one,please let me know because I am not really...
Few days ago I had a business meeting with a person who owns a chiken farm.All things were great untill the manager heard that I am coming from Romania.Then he would not want me to enter in the chiken farm but only drive around it,sitting in the car.Why?'Cause I may have"bird flu"germs on my shoes(!!!!)and it can be dangerous for his chikens.Hello???Is it paranoia or reputation of my country follows me?
Another story.Today I went to an exibition ( many excellent biz meetings.Many people didn't know exactly where Romania is but most of them knew only: Romanian gimnastics are the best and Romania has a very good soccer team.That's all.
Romania?Is it in Africa?Asia?...Bucharest?Budapest?Does it really matter? :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


“God Bless America…Land that I love…”
On September 11th, USA remembered the tragedy which changed our World. Five years later America is still hurting, the World is still hurting. Yes, many words had been said and written on 9/11/2001 but have really Europeans understood the pain of 9/11?
I don’t think so.
War on terrorism is not only the war of America. It is the war of Spain, Russia, even France and each civilized country in Europe and the other continents. IF 9/11 would have happened in Europe, Europeans would have looked different at this tragedy. As long it’s not in my yard, I really don’t care. Correct?
Together we can prevent another 9/11, we can prevent events similar to train explosions in Madrid, attacks on theatres and schools in Russia and many other. Together we can enjoy life and built a peaceful World…
September 11, 2006 brought thousands of American flags and flowers on buildings, streets, vehicles. Those who died were remembered all over America.
The story which touched me the most was on a young couple. They worked together in one of the offices on the top floors at NY Twin Towers on that day. After the plane crashed in their building they were trapped, smoke and fire was killing them. There was no way out, no way down or up. They were dieing but they decided not to wait to be burned so they broke a window. Then they jumped, holding hands…

Friday, September 08, 2006

Question for You

Greetings to You, the one who reads this blog.I have been wandering if my blog is worth my time.If I write only for miself,it's a waiste of time so I'm thinking to give up at least for a while...Life is too short and time is so expensive that I would not want to waist it.
My question for You is:should I continue or not?Your answer is easy-yes or no.I'll greatly apreciate.Thank You!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


"There is no prosperity without labor" Sophocles
I wandered why this observation is still valid today.Maybe because it's...true :)
On Monday, the USA celebrated Labor Day ( a sort of May 1 in Eastern Europe).It was celebrated with NO work and it's considered the end of summer.No more vacantions or long summer trips.
I enjoyed watching families going out and spending time with their kids.With some friends I went rock climbing in Alabama.We all had a great time.Maybe this week-end will go again.Anyone interested?
I have to admit that personaly I believe USA acomplished so much because people here work more then "some"Europeans.I think we shoud learn part of American work ethic.Maybe sometimes we rest more then we work and then wonder:Why we are behind???
Yes,work is good and just like every good thing it has it's limits.My motto was and still is:Work hard, play...harder :)
Enjoy your work!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

American wedding&French kisses

“Why do they call it 'French Kissing' if Americans do it the best?”
Today I attended an American wedding but I was not in the “main role” :)Some good friends of mine were getting married and invited me to join.
Well, it was quite an experience but I really enjoyed it. First I need to tell You that it was much shorter then a Romanian (maybe east-European) wedding. Church ceremony lasted about 30 minutes and the reception about another 2 hours. That’s all. Still, the bride and groom left as married as they have had been married if they had to spend 10 hours in the church and at the reception. Does really the time makes a difference: the longer the better?
Another surprise: bride’s parents and the bride pays for ALL wedding expenses. The groom pays for nothing. Nice, isn’t it? (I’m addressing to the guys now :) I thought if you are a man, be a man and pay for Your wedding. I might be wrong or the customs are just different…
Another thing I liked. People stayed in line to get their food from several tables, then they just stand and socialized. Standing you get to meet and talk to more people then just sitting and eating, sitting and eating. Prices for weddings here are from 5.000 $ up to 20.000 $ and even more. An average cost would be about 20.000 $.
Another thing. Few weeks before the wedding, the bride goes to different stores or on the internet and makes a wish list. Then those who were invited to the party go to the stores, ask for the wish list of a certain bride and buy 1 item they want and can afford. The item is sent home or they bring it to the wedding. In this way the new family doesn’t get double gifts or just junk. I think it’s smart and practical. What about this wish list: 1.Porsche 2. Diamond ring 3.Big house on the beach 4.New husband……… :)