Monday, June 30, 2008

The Thunderbirds

"Being a Thunderbird is intense and meticulous, but very few get the chance to flourish the colors of freedom in the way that we do. I believe if you get people to take pride in their country, they take pride in themselves. We carry the torch that lights the path for the next generation of airmen, citizens... and dreamers."
Lt. Col. Steve Andersen - Commander/Leader

Maybe many of You are wondering what am I doing here, in Alaska.Well, I am working with a team on some development,business and humanitarian aid projects. More details later...maybe :)
Was very busy in the last few days but got to have some fun. What kind of fun? Got to go to an Air Show where I got to see the famous "Thunderbirds". Personal opinion? It was WOW! I have seen some other Air Shows in other countries (including Russia) but Thuderbirds become my favorite. You can read more on Thunderbirds here
I have never seen airplanes flying more majestic and breathtaking that this team.Yes, it is a team and in their precision You can see the following values:Perseverance, Consistency, Challenge, Respect, Initiative, Character, Teamwork, Drive, Commitment, Visionary, Opportunity, Confidence. I learned to love and respect them. Their maneuvers were perfect. Just perfect.I have very high standards (in all meanings and in all areas:) and I will agree that they were perfect.
Beyond this show it was a lesson for me that each of our dreams CAN be accomplished by the values I mentioned above.

The Thunderbirds showed me that impossible IS possible. I believe again in my dreams.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Moldovanz rullz"

" Moldovanz rullz..."

Couple days ago I was standing at the arrival of the Anchorage International Airport, waiting for a group of people that I was assigned to meet.
Several airplanes landed and lots of people were coming out.
Suddenly, I heard somebody saying:" Shi fashiiii baiiiiiii....?" :) (aka "Ce faci mai?" or in English "How are you, dude?") I was shoked. They were not talking to me but one thing is clear- Moldovans made it to Alaska.

Moldovanz rulls:)
No comment.

ps.Later on I found out that they were few exchange students who came to work here for the summer.
I am a lucky dog ;)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Somebody like You

" I wanna love somebody like You..." Keith Urban

I just love this song. It's so cool and I enjoy listening to it while travelling long miles on the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave-the USA...

Sing along.Life is good.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bye-bye, summer

"In summer, the song sings itself..."

Days in Alaska are incredible long.Often I found myself going and doing stuff and after many hours kind of getting tired by the end of the day.When looking at watch I was shoked to see that is actually 10,30pm or so and the sun is still up and shining.

I still can't get over Alaskan amaizing sunsets which during these days are usually at 11,45pm or midnight :) At 11,30 pm(in the evening!) the sun is bright and happy.In the mornings it comes up around 4am.Surely enought without blinds on your windows it may be hard to sleep.

Today, at 3,59pm the sun will reach its nothermost point above the celestial equator and we'll mark the official summer solstice.

Many calenars note the solstice by calling it the day of summer, but Alaskasn know better.Today at 3,59pm Alaska will make a U-turn and head straignt toward winter as days start getting shorter.

I love summer and sunshine.It just makes me happy.So, I'll enjoy it as much as I can.

Inside the Ice Dragon

"Glaciers are delicate individual things, like humans.Instability is built into them..." Will Harrison

On Monday and Tuesday I had 2 days to play and have fun. So, I got my 4*4 truck and hit the road. In those 2 days I looked up for fossils(I did found them! Will tell you maybe next time), went to a reindeer farm,went to a musk ox farm and also have seen and got inside an amazing glacier, Matanuska Glacier.

So, what is a glacier?A glacier is a large, slow-moving river of ice, formed from compacted layers of snow, that slowly deforms and flows in response to gravity. The cool thing I found out on glaciers is that they actually move.

When I was walking on Matanuska glacier I felt like stepping on a Dragon, an Ice Dragon.You could hear his breath and hear water dripping, small parts of ice were melting and falling...Also You could feel his cold breath while walking on it...I tried to walk softly and not wake him up.It's a very strange and cool feeling.

A glacier is a river of ice.It's pretty irregular and it ends in a many small rivers and lakes.His shape changes every day.Also You will not see ice only, a glacier has small rocks and sometimes mud on it.The crystal clear ice is insider his heart.I got inside and touched his heart.No, I haven't broke his heart, maybe...melt it a little :)

Glaciers are such an incredible pieces of art created by our God.Don't miss a chance to see one.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Bravo" Bucuresti, ai ales prost...tu

Se pare ca am votat impotriva cuiva si nu pentru cineva.
Daca il iubiti asha de mult pe asha zisul Doctor, de ce nu l-ati ales acum cativa ani? Ah, atunci era cu PSD-ul. Azi, e independent si noi vrem oameni fara culoare politica chiar daca inafara de "independenta" nu prea mai pot nimic.
Cred ca si Vanghelie ar fi castigat daca era "catindat" independent. De fapt, kiar si oricine altcineva... fiindca ne este frica de culori.
"Bravo" Bucuresti, ai ales prost.Ai 4 ani sa te convingi.
Un "Dr."care nu e bun in lucruri mici, nu va fi bun nici in lucruri mari.Ati discutat vreodata cu cineva care il cunoaste personal de la spital pe "Dr. aka Primar"?Aveti habar ce "Manager " e?
Ah, nici nu mai zic de legaturile stranse cu vekiul regim.

"Dr."isi skimba freza, dar naravu'- ba.

Bucharest, have fun!

ps.Mai bine il alegeati pe Piedone, daca tot...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Go vote!

"Voting is a civic sacrament.”
Theodore Hesburgh, American Clergyman, University President.

On Sunday, if You are Romanian, on the 15h of June You are expected to go vote. It's Your duty. Make this effort and express Yourself.
Again, all of "them" aren't good but choose the less bad one.If You choose to stay at home or ignore, later Your comments are useless.

I vote PD-L. I vote ORANGE.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Greatest fishing experience

“Caution is a most valuable asset in fishing, especially if you are the fish....”

Today with several men I went fishing on Kenai river, right where it meets Russian river. Beautiful places. Just beautiful.
OK, let's get back to fishing.
Interesting and new facts from my perspective:
-Fishing here is a National sport and everyone loves it
-Ladies are also good fishermen, excuse me...fisherwomen :) Yeah, Alaskan girls are tough.Some have little style but I was surprised to meet some girls with great style and etiquette.
-You have to pay for licence to fish.It varies. A Salmon day fishing licence is $20
For the official info click here
-You are not allowed to take home more then 3 fish per day
-Each river and area has very strict own rules
-The "Fish patrol" is there.If you don't have the licence, they can take your car

Often, fishermen are considered liers. From now on I would look from a different perspective.Why? The truth they are saying it's relative. What you see in the picture is a fish, a salmon. For Romanian standards it's a big fish, for Alaskan standards it's a...small one.

So, You tell me if it's big or small...and I'll tell You where are You from :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


"Love is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath...”
Matt Groening, American Cartoonist, creator of The Simpsons. b.1954.

These guys here in Alaska are crazy and I love it. I found out more about their passions and stuff they do. Check this video out and You will see what some of my friends do here in Alaska.
Honestly, that's what I want to do next...


Monday, June 09, 2008

Alaskan party

"A friend is like an eagle; you don't find them flying in flocks..."
Yesterday I attended to a party.It was an Alaskan party. What makes it special? ....
It was in the middle of nowhere and everybody came there in their own airplanes. Yes, people have not drove there.All of them flu there.So, 9 airplanes, 6 dogs and lots of people were a great combination for good time. The host was a nice family who had over 500 square acres and a house there.So, they invited their friends over. Friends, food, music and good time made it a great time.
Austen is a 19 y.o. kid who has his own airplane.He has a pilot licence and and is a great pilot. He flu an airplane by himself when he was 15 y.o. but got his licence at 16 y.o.That's when the law allows you to take the exam. He is still in school but this year will go to college. He said flying is safer then driving and he loves it more.
I really enjoyed meeting over 30 nice people at this party but meeting Austen(see the pic) was the highlight of the day.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

First impressions

" A novel is balanced between a few true impressions and the multitude of false ones that make up most of what we call life..." Saul Bellow, American Novelist

I have been here, on Great Land only for few days but it seems to be a long time. Actually, like I have always been here. I fit in perfectly, the team I am working with is great: we work smart and we play hard.The projects are fun and have lots of adrenaline.

Few authentic impressions and info:

-Alaska is just one of the most beautiful places in the World and I have seen lots of places

-The temperatures are still pretty low. I feels like early spring.On the mountains near by there is still snow.When sunshine comes it's warm and toasty, when sun hides behind the clouds,it's chili.

-The farther you go in the wilderness the more amazing is the landscape

-Cell phone networks are available only in larger locations but you will find Internet even in the most remote areas.It's incredible.No,no cables there.It's satellite.

-The wealthy people live in Anchorage and made their money on oil, tourism, gold, fishing business.

Cheers from the Top of the World!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I just landed in Alaska!

"To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world..." John Muir

Less then 1 hour ago I landed safely on the International Airport in Anchorage. The views are just spectacular: beautiful mountains covered with snow, crystal clear lakes, calm Ocean, healthy green forest...It was an exciting trip:
-The longest day ever because I had daylight for 24 hours;
-The longest trip I ever made=29 hours; Bucharest-
Amsterdam-Atlanta(GA)-Salt Lake City(Utah)-Anchorage,AK.
-4 flights in a raw, over 22 hours in the air, almost 9.000 km distance;

When I got here few friends were already waiting for me at the Airport.It was nice to see smiley faces in a new world.
Well, I am messed up because we are probably 13 hours behind Romania.So, I landed here at 00,15 midnight(local time) while my Swiss watch was showing 11,15 am Romanian time.Go figure :)

I am so tired but can't go to sleep.My body clock tells me it's day time.Still, I am going to bed because tomorrow it's time to...Rock'n'Roll ;)