Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Keep Romania clean.With Pride.

“He who wants to change the World should already begin by cleaning the dishes…”
Paul Carvel, Belgian Writer and Editor.

…Then he should continue by cleaning the mountains. And this is what I am going to do with several friends and lots of other young people on Saturday, November 3rd in Busteni area of Carpathian Mountaints. Here you can get more info on that:
On Saturday we’ll meet at 5,45am in Gara de Nord by the tickets cashiers. Then we’ll take a train and be there by 9am. Later in the afternoon will be coming back to Bucharest. I'll write on this when we come back.
So, if you are willing to make a difference in your country, if you love the mountains and are looking to make Romania better, if you are looking to make new friends, then:
-get some food and sodas
-get some boots and warm clothing
-get a back back and some gloves

and... JOIN US!
ANYONE is WELCOME! Keep Romania clean. With Pride.
ps. Romania e o tara murdara iar noi ne facem ca...ploua ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Spirit of Japan vs. The Romanian Spirit

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight"
Japanese Proverb

Have you thought that the music of a Nation represents that Nation better then any other symbol? Have you ever thought that several big and small drums can make a meaningful sound and literally talk?
Well, this is what I saw and felt yesterday evening while attending Bu-shi-do, a concert of Japanese drums at the Bucharest Opera House organized by the Embassy of Japan in Romania.
Bu-shi-do in Japanese means "Way of the Warrior” and it originates from the samurai moral code and stresses frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery and honour unto death.
I enjoyed watching those 5 talented young men of the Bu-shi-do band playing the traditional Japanese drums. You could read lots of discipline, lots of energy, strong feelings and no mercy in their music. You could see Japan and Japanese spirit.
The second part of the concert was a contemporary concert where the audience enjoyed rock music, some rap and the cherry on the cake was “Dragostea din tei” originally sang by the Republicans from O-ZONE. They were too cool playing, singing and just doing a great concert for all of us. The audience got to love them and showed it by lots applause.
Music always shows the spirit of a Nation:
- Think of Russian music: deep base church choir, balalaikas, sad songs. A sad nation.
- Think of American music: lots of patriotism, marches, country songs and cowboys. That is the USA, Land of Free, Home of the Braves.
- Japanese sound of drums makes me thing of war, of Samurays, of incredible discipline.
- Romanian music…Hm…Help me…Slow songs, lazy music, party music, laid back rhythms. You tell me what kind of Nation are we?
Romania will never be a great Empire or Superpower even if we had all the wealth in the World. We are built differently. We raise our kids differently. We wait for things to happen and we don't make things happen. We've got more poetry in our spirit then discipline. We can sing and we can dance but we still need to learn to work, to build a future, to build a strong Nation.
That’s it. Now, please go back to ….work or...or whatever song you were singing :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Men's toys

“The only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys…and the price they pay for them” Unknown

Only recently I realized that men do like women, cars and guns. All 3. Before that I thought that they enjoy only the first two.
Today got to visit a Military exhibition and was amazed of the stuff I saw there. Lot of intelligent weapons. A 3 y.o. kid, a 14 y.o. teenager, a 25 y.o. youngster, a 37 y.o. adult, an elder at 65 y.o.- all of them were starring at some smart controlled missals and navy equipment. I know that only part of them would look in a similar way at a woman and fewer of them would look with a dropped jaw at a super car.
Why weapons? Maybe because it’s the man’s hunter instinct placed inside a long time ago when he used arrows and rocks or maybe it’s the feeling of the power and domination…
Whatever the answer would be I agree that all man and boys have the same toys. The older they get the more expensive and bigger their toys get. Men love toys because for us life is a game. Sometimes a serious game, other times a fun one. A game that you could loose or you could win.
My favorite toys? Cars, ATV-s, motorcycles, private jets, boats, guns, rollerblades and few other things. No, I will not include women and this category. Women are a different story. Not sure I want to share it…yet ;)
Play hard!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The future millionaires of Romania

“Search and luck lead to opportunity” Unknown

Today I was invited to participate at a special event organized by Ziarul Financiar (Romanian Financial Magazine) called:” 100 Afaceri de la Zero” ( “100 Businesses started from scratch”). The event was oriented toward entrepreneurs, businessmen and took place at JW Marriot hotel of Bucharest.
I greatly enjoyed it and I’ll share few thought with You:
· The Governmental officials are slow, boring, inaccessible and far from Romanian business reality.
· There are lots of funds given by EU and Romanian Government for businesses but the corruption and stupid paper work makes it impossible.
· Mr.Dragos Rosca (Gemisa, SensiBlu) and Mr.Marius Ghenea ( were my favorite speakers. You can tell they are in business and also have a high economical degrees.
· Mr. Radu Timis, 46 y.o., the founder of Cris Tim, the largest meat processor of Romania, had a great speech too. Less numbers but more emotion. His main thoughts were related to the fact that business is harder and harder to make in Romania but it’s worth doing it. He also said that whenever one door closes; there definitely should be an open one. We need to find it, always play FAIR and NEVER GIVE UP. Love it. Great guy.
· Acording to Mr. Rosca the future greatest biz opportunities are related to services connected to people confort and life style, personalized services and services related to the quality of life. Romanian economy of the future will be an economy of services, because all the production will go abroad (China etc)
· Mr. Ghenea said that the magic combination of success for a successful business is : the Opportunity +the Attitude +the Entrepreneur +the Chance. In his opinion the best biz opportunities are in internet, consultancy services and franchises. You can read more on or

It was an encouraging and great meeting. Wow, I am fascinated to see successful people because I believe success is contagious. One of the speakers mentioned that large Romanian companies cut down lots of jobs. It’s not because they have problems, it’s because they restructured. This is why ONLY the Entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses will provide a healthy economy.

I am planning to be one of the new millionaires of Romania. Join me.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Birthday party at Aventura Park

" And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years..." Abraham Lincoln

This past Saturday with several great friends I celebrated the beggining of my Birthday. I call it "the beggining" because the actual day is October 11th.
I celebrated my B-days in many different ways but decided to make it special this time. So, looking back at my life I saw Adventure, lots of adrenaline, fun and excitment. What would be the most representative B-day for me then an Adeventurous B-day? So, we went to Aventura Parc!!!!
Tree climbing, nets, ropes, sliding down, solving puzzles and packing gifts. These were only a few of the things we all have done. It was fun! I loved it!
I enjoyed watching how some of my friends who didn't know each other before got aquinted and had fun like good old friends.
It always surprized me how different my life looked at different B-days. At a certain age I belived in fairy tales and Santa Clause, then I was getting ready to fly to the stars, another time I was working to change the World, then I believed that there is a Princess for every Prince, then I believed that bad things never happen to good people, then...
Well, what do I believe today? How do I see life today? It's hard to say:
-Probably I don't believe in miracles as I use to (I still hope that some miracles may happen).
-Then I am less romantic as I use to be. Romantics will not survive.
-98% of people are selfish( Those who read my blog are excluded:)
-Often life s..ks
--I care less if I live or die. There were times when I was concerned of death. Now, it's all relative.
-Life is a fight. Only the strongest will win. I am gonna be a winner.
Not planning to fail or give up. Try me!

Things change every day. You change even if You admit or not.
My thought for You? Don't give up. Fight and survive. Wimps never win.

PS.All B-day gifts and greetings may be sent to my snail mai adress or e-mail as an atachment:)